Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in treatment of scleroderma renal crisis

Evidence Summaries

Level of Evidence = C
ACE inhibitors may improve survival in scleroderma renal crisis.

A prospective analysis 1 of 108 patients with scleroderma renal crisis (SRC) suggested that therapy with ACE inhibitors improved 1-year survival (15% without and 76% with ACE inhibitors, P < 0.001). However, 24 (44%) of 55 patients with scleroderma renal crisis who were treated with ACE inhibitors died early or required permanent dialysis. Eleven of twenty patients (55%) who survived dialysis more than 3 months and continued to receive therapy with ACE inhibitors were able to discontinue dialysis after 3 to 15 months compared with 0 of 15 dialysis patients who did not receive ACE-inhibitor therapy (P = 0.002).

Another prospective uncontrolled study 2 included 145 patients with SRC receiving ACE inhibitors and 662 patients with scleroderma who did not have renal crisis. Of the patients with SRC, 61% had good outcomes (55 received no dialysis, and 34 received temporary dialysis) and 39% had bad outcomes (permanent dialysis or early death). More than half of the patients who initially required dialysis could discontinue it 3 to 18 months later. Survival of patients in the good outcome group was similar to that of patients with diffuse scleroderma who did not have renal crisis (90% at 5 years and 80% to 85% at 8 years).

EULAR 3 states that despite the lack of RCTs, the experts recommend immediate use of ACE inhibitors in the treatment of scleroderma renal crisis (SRC). ACE inhibitors should be continued long-term as long as there is any chance for additional improvement in kidney function.


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