Acute acoustic trauma – Related resources

Cochrane reviews

  • There is contradictory evidence that hearing loss prevention programmes in work places prevent noise-induced hearing loss [Evidence Level: D].


  • Ylikoski J, Mrena R, Makitie A, Kuokkanen J, Pirvola U, Savolainen S. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy seems to enhance recovery from acute acoustic trauma. Acta Otolaryngol 2008 Oct;128(10):1110-5.  [PMID:18607951]
  • Jokitulppo J. Non occupational noise. Sources, exposure and effects on hearing. Thesis. University of Kuopio, 2009.
  • Lamm K, Arnold W. Noise-induced cochlear hypoxia is intensity dependent, correlates with hearing loss and precedes reduction of cochlear blood flow. Audiol Neurootol 1996;1(3):148-60.  [PMID:9390798]

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