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    Peripheral nervous system in the larynx. An anatomical study of the motor, sensory and autonomic nerve fibers.

    Yoshida Y, Tanaka Y, Saito T, et al. 
    Folia Phoniatr (Basel) 1992; 44(5) :194-219.

    The laryngeal peripheral nervous system is presented on the basis of our results in the cat, following 10 years of investigation using mainly tracer techniques. The present paper focused on the localization of each laryngeal motoneuron, the myotopical arrangements of motoneurons innervating the pharyngeal and esophageal striated muscles within the nucleus ambiguus in the motor nerve supply, and also on the location of neurons, the distribution and density of nerve fibers, the area and laterality of the innervation, and the pathway to the larynx in the sensory and sympathetic nerve supplies. Regarding the parasympathetic nerve supply, the neural ganglia and the ganglionic cells in and around the laryngeal nerves and in the laryngeal framework are demonstrated. Most of this innervation, however, is still unclear. Discussions from the literature are also reported.

    Autonomic Nervous System
    Cranial Nerves
    Laryngeal Muscles
    Laryngeal Nerves
    Medulla Oblongata
    Motor Neurons
    Nerve Fibers
    Reticular Formation
    Sensory Receptor Cells


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