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    Perceptions of responsiveness in service delivery.

    Bebko CP, Garg RK 
    J Hosp Mark 1995; 9(2) :35-44.

    The delivery of service quality has become a topic of increasing interest especially in the context of health care services marketing. The research investigated the responsiveness component of quality service. Both issues, the customers' perception of time as well as their expectations for responsiveness in quality service delivery were addressed. Specifically, an attempt was made to determine if the patients' perception of bell response time differed from the actual response time. In addition, this paper tried to determine if the difference between patient's perception of bell response time and actual response time had an effect on their perception of the responsiveness of the nurse.

    Health Services Research
    Hospital Bed Capacity, 500 and over
    Marketing of Health Services
    Nursing Service, Hospital
    Patient Satisfaction
    Quality of Health Care
    Time Factors
    United States


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    Journal Article
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